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Pine Fresh Media were a terrific company to work with. They were very professional with both the filming and editing of our conference, their processes were very streamlined: from getting a quote, to helping us understand what we wanted to achieve with our recording, to delivering the finished product.

- Rebecca Steele, Ovarian Cancer Australia

Who We Are

Pine Fresh Media are a Melbourne video production company; industry leading videographers in corporate videoevent video,  online videomotion graphics and web video.

Quality video production is a key component for effective and engaging communication in the digital era.

Whether presented as an engaging promotional video on the front page of your website, or as crisp videography of an event, technological advances mean that both video is no longer a premium tool with large price tags attached, but an essential and affordable asset to any business.

Melbourne video production industry professionals with over twenty years experience, our skilled videographer and photographer team provide you with a broad range of video and photography solutions to meet your video production and professional photography needs and budget; working with you through the entire production process to create engaging and compelling communication solutions to whatever message you wish to deliver to the world.

Drop us a line to find out how we can assist you in your unique needs!

video-production-melbourne--clapperboardVideo is an effective communication tool for businesses of any size.

Whether for internal employee training and communication, online web video or as a promotional tool distributed via DVD or theweb; video production crisply communicates messages and ideas visually and concisely, providing an easily accessible communication tool that is endlessly versatile in it’s applications.

For more information about our corporate video and marketing video production services click here.

video-production-melbourne--internetIn this digital era it is impossible to run a successful business without a strong web presence.

Online video creates engaging experiences for users; increasing user interaction and effectively capturing the attention of your website clients, resulting in them browsing on your site for longer lengths of time. If we combine this idea with the persuasive power of video to effectively communicate core messages and ideas, the importance of web video for any business or organisation with an online presence becomes critically clear.

For more information about our online video services click here.

video-production-melbourne--lightWhen organising conferences, presentations, and events it is often essential to capture the live event through dynamic video documentation. This serves many purposes from promotional video and training purposes, through to a valuable record keeping for future reference.

For more information about our event video documentation services click here.

video-production-melbourne--internetDigital media and live video feeds play significant roles in contemporary event presentations.

Any event, from a single speaker at a lectern, to a full stadium show is enhanced through the aid of crafted video design and live video. Making video content that supports your presentation drives your message home in a clear and engaging fashion; fundamentally aiding in the creation of high quality presentations of any scale or style.

For more information about our event presentation media design services click here.

video-production-melbourne--clapperboardVideo post production is a highly skilled craft that is often under valued as part of the overall video production process.

Our skilled team specialise in high quality editing, motion graphics and titling as an essential component in the crisp fresh polish to any professional video. Using a variety of specialised software solutions, our Melbourne video production studio create elegant graphic and animation solutions to add polish to any digital project.

For more information about our video post production services click here.

Our team provides a full digital media corporate service, including a dedicated team of corporate photographers supporting our corporate video services; streamlining the approach to digital corporate identity media. Our producers work with both video and photo services, providing a painless and integrated experience with every project we work on, wether it is a video production, photography or combined service.

Our professional photography services include:

Corporate Identity Photography
Event Photography

Video Production Questions Answered:

Is YouTube a viable promotional platform for my business?

The simple fact is that YouTube receives three billion daily views, essentially acting as a search engine in it’s own right, making it the second largest search engine in the world, behind Google (it’s owner). With these numbers it’s hard to ignore YouTube as a valuable source for communicating with your consumers, clients and audience. More than this, YouTube is owned by Google and acts as a power search engine in itself, leading users to products, services and businesses.


The fact that YouTube is the third most-visited website in the world, points directly towards the extreme power of online video as an engaging communication device. Consumers are very visual creatures, and it’s no surprise that people online would rather watch a video over reading a couple of paragraphs of text.

The question then is: how do you make an engaging video that captures an online audience? There are a number of arguments as to what makes an engaging online video, but it’s generally agreed that the following elements are fundamental:

+ keep it to two to three clear and concise messages with which the video is communicating

+ the use of high quality video AND sound (sound can often be over looked in the video production process, but it is the surprisingly easy to hear the difference between high and low quality audio)

+ keep it short (an online audience is has an exceedingly short attention span, and even if you’re video is Oscar worthy it’s unlikely to hold the majority of people past three minutes)

+ the use of high quality titles and motion graphics, lifting the pace and professionalism of any video

+ music gives pace to any online video, moving it forward and adding style and emotion

When is event video appropriate for corporate communications?

To begin with let’s define what we mean by event video as apposed to other forms of corporate video production. Event video is commonly considered to encompasses video production that occurs in situations where the video is secondary to the action that is occurring, for example;


+ a conference,

+ seminar,

+ convention,

+ corporate presentation,

+ or corporate dinner.

This is in contrast to corporate video involving on-camera interviews, business video profiles, and promotional video, where all action is directed specifically for the video production.

The main idea to consider when considering event video for corporate communications is what is the audience for the final video? How will they access this video? And is the final video for external or internal viewing?

After considering these initial questions, a follow up is to consider if high quality video production is necessary or will internal communications personnel be sufficient for the video recording and edit? The answer to this question really comes down to the audience for the video; but in many cases short internal presentations can be effectively captured via a webcam, simple consumer video cameras or even smart phone cameras. The need for professional production is usually only necessary when the video is designed for an external audience or for internal video that:

+ has a long lifespan,

+ or will be used to communicate to a large internal organisational audience (typically national or international).

In summary, the use of event video for corporate communications is similar to most corporate video production, where consideration of the audience for the video and the videos message are the key principles that need to be considered before proceeding.

How Does Web Video Serve As A Powerful Communication Tool?

In this digital era it is impossible to run a successful business without a strong web presence. But these days everyone has a website and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to stand out from the saturated online market place. With so much choice, web user’s spend mere seconds on a website before jumping to the next. It’s a highly competitive rat race online!

Luckily there are tactics that can be employed to retain these valuable web users. One of the most proven of these tactics is the use of clear and engaging online video.

Online video creates engaging experiences for users;

+ quickly and effectively communicating your business in a simple and contemporary fashion

+ increasing user interaction with your website and brand

+ capturing the attention of your website clients for longer lengths of time; subsequently increasing your valuable Google website ranking

How Much Is A Video Going To Cost Me?

Be prepared to be surprised by the costing of contemporary video production. Due to the ever increasing advances in technology and the affordable accessibility of these video technologies, video production has never been as cost effective as it is right now! Let’s look at a few real world case studies:

+ $990? This month we just completed a online promotional video for a web based business that cost $990.

+ $450? If we’re looking at videography at live events, where editing isn’t required, one of our most popular event videography packages is $450. Check out our Event Video page for more info.

So before letting the dinosaurs of video production tell you that you can’t do anything for less than $10,000, think again, there’s so so much that can be done for less than $1,000!