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Case Study: Vision Super Animated Explainer Video Production

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Animated Explainer Video Production

We where recently honoured to be asked to create a short animated explainer video for Vision Super’s online video marketing campaign. The short animation told the story of a young couple looking for financial advice and turning to Vision Super’s financial planners.

Creative brief

As part of the creative brief we where tasked with collaborating with Vision Super’s graphic design team to  transform Vision Super’s static branding into engaging and dynamic animated graphics. This was balanced with staying true to the brand’s style guide.

Beyond the branded graphics, the brief also contained a script for the animated video and a basic sketch storyboard suggesting visual ideas that could work with the script.

Check out the finished product below:

Our approach to the animated explainer video

In animated video production, the script comes first; guiding both the graphics and animation phases of the process.

With this in mind, our first step was to define which of the supplied branded graphics would most accurately represent the concepts within the animated video. This task requires both our Creative Director in collaboration with one of our graphic designers to work through the script in detail and workshop how the graphics and text can support the story in an engaging fashion.

After we have satisfactorily crafted a full storyboard (and this has been signed off by our client), we jump into the fun stuff; the animation phase! This is where the animated explainer video really comes to life and the fun begins!

We record the script with incredibly talented voice over artists, who inject their own life and play into the script.  From there, the magic begins and we have a lot of fun finding ways for the graphics to come to life; jumping and bouncing around the screen to ultimately deliver the message of the explainer video. We consider each graphic and find a way for it to engage the viewer as it plays it part in the full story; this also includes an attention to the words that animate throughout the video.

The final phase is the sound design; crafting the audio component of the video production. This includes composing or sourcing music that supports the story and layering in a range of sound effects that give additional life to the animation: essentially connecting the sound with the vision.

The final and most satisfying step is the delivery of the final video to a happy client, ready to upload it and distribute it to eyeballs all over the web.

As always, thanks to Vision Super and their graphic designers for another successful collaboration!