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Say Hello To Our New Video Production Website

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Hello Melbourne!

We’re very excited to share with you our new branding and website. Over the past few months we’ve been slaving away here at Pine Fresh Media studios, asking ourselves the big questions. Like, what do we stand for? How do we better serve our clients? And what sort of video production studio do we want to be?

New directions for video production

All these questions have all helped to inform our new branding, website and ultimately our studio’s new direction.

Don’t stress! It’s still business as usual; we still offer exceptional corporate video production services. From promotional videography, including testimonial videos and web video production, through to our suite of corporate event video services, including videography of presentations, seminars and product launches.

But we’re now focusing on what see as one of our core strengths: the combination of motion graphics and video production. From some snooping at other Melbourne video production studio’s websites, it became apparent that motion graphics is a rare art form that most video studios’ struggle with.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a range of great Melbourne studios who specialise in animation and motion graphics. But when it comes to studios who specialise in both motion graphics and video production, this is a rare combination. A combination that we humbly believe we excel at.

There is no secret to good motion graphics production, it just requires creative professionals who specialise in graphic design and motion graphics; rather than video editors who also dabble in animation. Here at Pine Fresh Media we have both graphic designers and motion designers on staff who love making beautiful motion graphics. It’s their core passion and what they spend all their work hours (and too much of their downtime) doing! They’re obsessed by what makes a graphic look good and what makes it move beautifully!

Here’s a place we like to hang out in out downtime to watch some of the world’s best motion graphic artists.

Or check out what Pine Fresh Media’s motion graphic designers are up to.

If you want to know more about our motion graphic and video production services, pick up the phone and gives us a call. We love to chat!