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How Video Marketing Can Help Business Owners Get More Customers

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Why aren’t you doing video marketing? What’s keeping you from implementing this fascinating marketing idea? Is it the fear that videos aren’t a respectable form of marketing? Or do you feel that the video hype might die down in a few months or years?

Marketing is definitely never easy. It takes time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. There really is no magic bullet method when it comes to marketing, but one of the most tried and true marketing methods is doing video marketing.

If you are not doing video marketing of some kind, then you are losing business and leaving money on the table. In the past, doing video marketing was a major ordeal for business owners. During that time, the only video marketing a person could do was television. These days, with the internet touching on every aspect of our lives, it is much easier and a lot more profitable to do your video marketing online.

Video marketing online

Online video is one of the most popular ways to do video marketing. Website services like YouTube and Vimeo make it very easy to publish your videos and get them out into the public forum.

It’s easy to make personal videos, but it can be hard to create high quality videos that effectively market your products or services.

event video: video-marketing-how-to How Video Marketing Can Help Business Owners Get More Customers It’s relatively easy to produce a video for yourself. If you have a webcam and an idea, you can get started right away. The quality of the video production may not be ideal, but it’s still doable. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. If you want to upgrade the possibilities, you can always consider hiring a professional video production team.

Videos rank higher than text

Having a website where people can buy your products or services is great. However, if nobody knows about you and your products, then an online store to process orders is useless. You can attract customers with videos. If you publish something and include a video, you get a higher ranking in the search engines. If you want people to find you a little easier, creating and publishing videos is a great idea.

Try typing in keywords which relate to your website, to see how your site ranks in search engine results. If you want to increase your rankings and garner greater visibility, video marketing can make it possible. You can see proof of this just by searching for any particular thing on Google. The top 10 search results, which are listed for many searches, are often comprised of links to video content.

Viral videos attract potential customers

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock the last several years, then you’ve probably heard about viral videos. If you use social media websites, like Facebook or Twitter, then you likely see evidence of these videos every day. The most popular things people like to share amongst themselves are either pictures or videos. Videos that are shared thousands or millions of times are said to have ‘gone viral.’

It’s hard to say what can make a video go viral, you really have to get creative with it and put on your thinking cap. Remember to make the video more about your customers, than about yourself or your business. Show customers how they can benefit from your products or services. If they connect with your video on a personal level, they are more likely to share it with their friends and family.

event video: video-marketing-how-to How Video Marketing Can Help Business Owners Get More Customers

Some other great tips for making videos go viral is to make them funny, cute, shocking, or just very sensible and interesting. You can look at examples of videos you’ve seen before online. Which ones did you find enjoyable or compelling? Why were they interesting to you?

Watch the videos again, several times, and study them. See what they did and how you can also do the same. Many of the videos you probably enjoy have some element of humor, cuteness, or maybe some kind of shock value to them. Maybe they are just really well-done for one reason or another. When you study them and find out why they are so compelling, you can make your videos even better.

Helpful tips for making great videos

You know that video is a great marketing method, so why not get started today? Before you do though, here are a few helpful tips and suggestions to consider.

Be authentic and transparent

When you are marketing yourself through videos, be totally upfront with people. Another way of saying this is to just be yourself. It’s good to get ideas or videos from other people, but you don’t want to copy them exactly.

Talk openly, honestly, and passionately about your subject. Your natural energy and enthusiasm will go a long way toward showing a customer why they should do business with you. A little hype can be good, but overdoing it may repel potential customers.

Demonstrate your products or services

One type of video that people really find useful and interesting is the how-to video. These how-to videos may range from long in-depth tutorials, to simple basic demonstrations about how something works or why. If you have products or services you are selling, you can find ways to demonstrate them in a video.

Publish content regularly and consistently

It’s important that you have something real to talk about or show in your videos, to make them interesting. If your videos are great, you will attract more clients. Everyone is attracted to valuable videos. Create videos which give value, and publish them regularly and consistently. Be mindful when you start publishing more videos, that the quality of your content doesn’t suffer.

Get started today!

Perhaps you already have some ideas in mind for a great video. If not, you can always look online and find some good examples. Learn what is working for other people and implement similar concepts and ideas.

Most importantly, just make a video. Don’t let shyness or stage-fright deter you from making your first video. There are countless possibilities for creativity and you don’t even necessarily have to be featured in your own video.

Brainstorm with your friends or family and get valuable feedback, before you publish your final product. If you have a marketing budget, consider hiring a professional video production team to assist you. Chances are, you will learn a lot from them, and perhaps eventually start producing your own videos.